​​​Hi there, my name is Vy /vee/ :)

With a full skillset as a Graphic Designer, my favorite medium has always been motion and interactive design, producing various multimedia solutions from short animation to e-learning courses. Despite being a relatively new professional in the field, I have discovered my passion for conveying meaningful messages that can benefit my clients and their audience. When there's a sense of mission in a job, I don't care about the number of new things I will have to learn to solve the problem at hand. As a self-motivated individual, I am always eager to take on new challenges and acquire new skills (recently, they have been UI, UX, and design for accessibility.)
This website is more than just a portfolio. It's an archive of my work that I have enjoyed creating throughout my journey as a designer. Although this site is important, it only represents a part of me. I aspire to continue growing in the field of user experience and learning design.
I'm also a freelancer specializing in graphic design, motion graphics design, and e-learning development. While I have a particular interest in educational, social justice, human development, and environmental content, I'm open to working on a variety of projects. If you're looking for a passionate and skilled professional to help with your business needs, feel free to message me at veebui86@gmail.com. Or, if you just want to connect and chat, that works too!
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